Infographic of the Week: Traffic Counts

By: Ryan Tharp, Director of Research & Economic Development

When it comes to choosing the perfect location for a business, traffic patterns are one of many factors that come into play. The DFW region offers multiple locations that are easily accessible for both customers and employees.

In the infographic below, the color-coded dots represent 24-hour traffic counts along the major arterial roadways in DFW.

Interstate 635, Interstate 35, and Highway 75 are three of the most traveled roadways in the area. They see between 100,000 and 144,000 vehicles every day. A large number of major retail and office centers are located along these major roads or along connected corridors, making them popular locations for customer access.

Additional arterial routes that provide high visibility include Preston Road in Collin County, Collins and Cooper Roads in Arlington, and Northwest Highway in Dallas. In general, between 38,000 and 110,000 vehicles pass along these roads each day. DFW’s roadways provide multiple options for businesses looking to pick the perfect place to build a successful company. This is another reason for “Why Dallas.”


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Roll Call: Corraina Anthony, Assistant to the President & CEO

By: Lexi Smith, Communications Coordinator

CorrainaCorraina plays an essential role in the DRC as she supports the efforts of the executive staff. Her positive attitude and strong organizational skills contribute to the overall success of the DRC.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
If I could travel anywhere it would be the Polynesian Islands. I would enjoy the warm, quiet beach away from civilization.

What do you enjoy most about the DRC?
The staff’s commitment to the city and the community is what I enjoy most. It’s inspiring.

What are three things still left on your bucket list?
Participate on a missionary humanitarian trip outside of the US.
Witness a live sea turtle walk on the coast.
See Sade again in concert.

Do you have any hidden talents? If so, what are they?
I’m not aware of any.

What’s your favorite summer activity?
My favorite summer activity is just enjoying downtime from the school year.

Who is your biggest hero and why?
God. Need I say more?

Why is it important to be a team player?
It’s important to have a unified support system for growth, not only in our professional lives, but also our personal lives. Working together provides balance.

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A Dallas Entrepreneur Center Update

By: Tara Vornkahl, Coordinator-Innovation

July has been a month of continued growth and partnerships for the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC). The DEC has settled into its new home in the West End and has even expanded into a second location in Addison. The application process is well under way for “The Dallas Entrepreneur Center’s North Texas Business Pitch Presented by Comerica Bank,” and the DEC has also opened applications to put together its next group of ambassadors. The DEC also has an impressive lineup of community events taking place throughout the summer! Continue reading

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A Message from DRC President and CEO, Dale Petroskey: Superintendent Mike Miles’ Contract Extended

Early this morning, the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees voted to extend Superintendent Mike Miles’ contract by two years. This important decision will help keep moving Dallas ISD forward with the ultimate result being a more educated workforce, something every employer in this region – and every company considering moving to this region – cares deeply about. For those of you who personally made your views known to the Trustees, we thank you. The DRC will continue to work diligently every day with the Trustees and the administration to strengthen our schools, leading to an even stronger climate for attracting businesses and creating jobs – and giving our youngsters every opportunity for a productive and fulfilling life.


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Available Now: Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Review

By: Lexi Smith, Communications Coordinator
DFW Real Estate Review Cover

The Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC), The Real Estate Council, and D Custom have teamed up to bring you a redesigned quarterly outlook on the state of commercial real estate throughout our region. The new and improved Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Review will give you a visual representation of commercial real estate like you’ve never seen before.

New in this issue, readers will get a firsthand look at the expanding DFW business community from the publication’s interactive map: “The Crane Report.” This feature allows you to take a look at the largest new developments in the region.

Readers can access the publication via print or through a digital experience. Visit to check out the digital flip book, online bonus content and videos, and interactive maps.


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Vote YES on Prop 1 on Nov. 4

By: Meredith Turner, Director of Communications

Some drivers take the same route every day to work. Others mix it up depending on a quick morning errand, the traffic report announcing a stalled car in the right-hand lane, or simply a change of pace. But the same holds true for each commuter – whichever route he or she takes – it’s the region’s infrastructure that provides the options and means for commuters to get where they’re going.

Since 2010, North Texas has added 350 people every day. At this pace, our population is expected to double by 2060. With a growing economy and continuing development, it’s critical that we continue building the infrastructure to support this expansion.

Passing Proposition 1 is the solution; it would create at least $1.4 billion annually for transportation infrastructure without increasing taxes or requiring fees.

Continue reading

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Infographic of the Week: Labor Supply

By: Ryan Tharp, Director of Research & Economic Development

Talented workers and capital contribute to the success of businesses. Companies and organizations within Dallas-Fort Worth enjoy the ability to hire their employees from a well-educated and skilled labor force.

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