DRC President backs wager in support of the Texas Rangers

By Lauren Parsons, Managing Director, Communications

Dallas Regional Chamber President & CEO Jim Oberwetter has fielded a call from the President of the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association, Dick Fleming. Fleming wagered a case of Anheuser Busch products (made in St. Louis) to celebrate a World Series victory by the Arlington-based Texas Rangers or a case of Tums (whose global production is made next to Busch Stadium in downtown St. Louis by GlaxoSmithKline) if the Texas Rangers lose.

Oberwetter countered with a case of Kimberly- Clark Corporation’s (headquartered in the Dallas area) Kleenex ™ facial tissues for all the tears to arrive when the Cardinals lose and a case-equivalent of 7-Eleven, Inc.’s (headquartered in Dallas) Slurpee® drink  should the Cardinals pull off a victory.

Oberwetter  and Fleming are colleagues on the board of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, and active baseball fans.  Prior to heading the Dallas Regional Chamber Oberwetter served as U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia under President George W. Bush, and prior to becoming CEO at the St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association, Fleming was CEO of the Greater Denver Chamber and their economic development organization.

For further information contact:

Lauren Parsons
Managing Director, Communications
Dallas Regional Chamber

Gary Broome
Vice President of Communications
St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association

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  1. Even I likes to play baseball and it’s may favorite game. Good stuff you have shared with us.