What Qualities Are the Dallas ISD Trustees Looking for in the New Superintendent? Here’s the Position Profile

By Lanet Greenhaw, Director of Education

The Dallas ISD Board of Trustees has approved the District Superintendent Position Profile defining the qualities and characteristics important for the District’s next leader.  The Profile is used to recruit and screen candidates.

Here is the complete District Superintendent Position Profile:

Superintendent Candidate

DISD serves a diverse student population which is 69% Hispanic, 25% African American and 5% white. The attendance rate for the district is 96% and the graduation rate is 74.6%.

The candidate must possess exceptional leadership skills to continue to raise the academic bar for all students, continue to eliminate the achievement gap while serving as an ambassador for the district for the district with the school community and the broader public. The board will offer a competitive compensation package.

Application Criteria:

  1. The superintendent will have at least 5 years of administrative experience managing people in a leadership position. The board prefers candidates who are prepared to make a long term commitment to the District,
  2. Prior superintendent experience is preferred but the board is willing to consider non‐traditional candidates for this position,
  3. A valid superintendent certificate or appropriate certification or permit,
  4. Salary range is comparable to similar size districts and is negotiable with the Board depending on experience and qualifications,
  5. Candidate must be willing to move into the school district as a resident of the district,
  6. A terminal degree in the candidate’s area of expertise is desirable.

Successful candidates should possess the following skills and qualities:

  • Successful experience as a superintendent in a diverse Pre‐K school district, is again, preferred
  • Effective communication skills will be needed in order to reach out to all community groups, develop productive and beneficial relationships with community leaders, be a visible presence in the schools and be a representative of the school district throughout the city,
  • Collaborative leader who makes decisions only after seeking input from key stakeholders and who values an inclusive decision making process,
  • Experience and success in developing relationships with the business community that benefit all residents and that improve the schools,
  • A track record of working within a political environment at the city, county and state level,
  • Embraces processes that welcome dissenting opinions and value all segments of the community,
  • Demonstrated experience in embracing and promoting diversity and working well in diverse ethnic, racial, cultural and socio‐economic communities and environments,
  • Inclusive leader who builds sound relationships with school based personnel,
  • Visible presence in the schools, communicating and interacting with school based personnel and students,
  • An instructional leader who has experience and expertise in leading a district towards accelerated academic improvement,
  • An innovator who will use best practice research to improve academic and organizational achievement,
  • Accountable for district performance,
  • Puts children first and inspire trust among all key stakeholders,
  • Experience in lowering drop‐out rates, increasing graduation rates and expanding post‐secondary options is advantageous and preferred.
  • Experience and success with English Language Learners is preferred,
  • A model of transparency and honesty in his/her approach,
  • Experience in budget, finance and capital improvements,
  • Make a long- term commitment to the district.

The DISD Board of Trustees also approved the following Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Goals to guide the District.

Mission: Educating all Students for Success

Vision: To be a premier urban school system

Core Values: We believe people must have a number of personal values f they are to be effective in their lives and their work. We expect our employees, students, parents, and other stakeholders to nurture and exemplify these values at all times.

  • Trustworthiness
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Caring
  • Citizenship
  • Fairness

District Goals: In everything we do our goal is to improve the quality of education for all our students. We expect every employee to believe that every student can succeed. We will pursue the following operational goals, in order of priority:

  • TEACHERS: Ensure highly effective teachers for all students.
  • PRINCIPALS: Ensure a highly effective leader for every school.
  • SAFE AND SECURE SCHOOLS: To ensure a safe, secure and welcoming environment for all students, parents, staff and the community.
  • PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Develop shared responsibility between parents/guardians and schools that foster academic success and self‐management of learning.
  • RIGOR: Implement rigorous curriculum and engaging educational practices and experiences.
  • CULTURE: Create and sustain a positive and compassionate “common culture” throughout the district that leads towards accomplishing our vision and mission.
  • HUMAN RESOURCES: Hire, retain, and develop highly effective employees for every position.
  • DATA AND INNOVATION: Make managerial decisions based on appropriated reliable and valid data and best practices and to develop and continually improve new, innovative ways of schooling to meet the needs of students in the 21st century.
  • CENTRAL OFFICE: Organize central services to encourage and enhance a positive campus by removing barriers that prevent achieving our goals.
  • FACILITIES: Systemically upgrade and maintain our facilities to provide every student an efficient learning environment.

Detailed information about the Dallas ISD Superintendent Search can be found on the District Website here.


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3 responses to “What Qualities Are the Dallas ISD Trustees Looking for in the New Superintendent? Here’s the Position Profile

  1. Dear Concerned and Disgusted Citizen,
    Our great nation has freedom of speech, but fortunately no longer has a legally supported freedom to discriminate based on race, or a multitude of other factors a person may be born into. We are fortunate.

    Dr. Hinojosa is the first superinendent in over 20 years who has moved the number of graduates by over 1,000 students, and that movement was positive! It went from 5,854 with the Class of 2007 up to 7,149 with the Class of 2011. This was the most improvement by one superintendent in over 40 years!

    Sadly the last time the number of graduates moved by over 1,000 under the leadership of a single superintendent it was under Dr. Linus Wright when it moved from 7,940 graduates with the Class of 1980 down to only 5,272 graduates with the Class of 1988 before he retired. The enrollment in DISD also actually grew during those years by over 1,000 students. (See http://schoolarchiveproject.blogspot.com/2012/01/dallas-isd-history-1970-2011-progress.html.)

    Dallas ISD has improved more in the past 6 years than at any time in over 40 years! The numbers are well documented. Dallas is also going in the right direction with this hiring process at this time. Hopefully you can celebrate with the rest of us in Dallas as the progress continues.

  2. Concerned and Disgusted Citizen

    Diversity, diversity, diversity. The code word for lots of minorities is fourth in the stated profile. That speaks volumes about how screwed up our priorities are. It is assumed that a minority Superintendent is more qualified to lead a district of mostly minorities. BUNK ! Let’s stop looking at the ethnic make up of “our diverse population” and start looking at the academic deficiencies which need to be addressed and who possesses those skills to address the stated deficiencies.
    I have seen a parade of rockstar Superintendents who come with much fanfare and heralding and leave when a better deal comes along or their past successes with other “diverse” districts are scrutinized.

    We flood more and more money into DISD and get less and less results for it. This insanity must stop!! Decade after decade after decade of failure in raising the median quality of our students is ignored. The “soft bigotry of lowered expectations” runs rampant in both the student and teaching areas. And the best place to start is a well qualified “non rockstar” individual who espouses the three R’s and will commit to the tough fight against recalcitrant teachers ( unions) and accepted mediocrity. As you can tell, I have much more to say on this but this volley is a start. And in case you were wondering, I am in an “ethnic minority” myself.

  3. bbetzen

    This is a good profile, but no matter who is finally selected, Dallas must do the work. Dallas must make certain the decisions made are correct! We must have more residents and parents involved, watching, and stepping forward. The person selected will only succeed if they are able to reinforce, generate, and accept more active community involvement.