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Five Questions with CIO Magazine Editor in Chief, Maryfran Johnson

Posted By: Erica Flores, Industry Clusters and Economic Development

Maryfran Johnson was named Editor in Chief of CIO magazine and events in January 2009. A longtime journalist and editor, she brings more than 20 years of experience covering IT leadership, technology and business trends to her role, along with an extensive network of CIO contacts from previous leadership positions at Computerworld and CIO Decisions magazine.

The Dallas Regional Chamber is proud to partner with CIO Magazine for CIO Perspectives, a one-day IT executive event packed with informative sessions and professional networking opportunities.  Maryfran will moderate the February 16th event in Dallas, and we were fortunate enough to catch up with her to ask a couple questions about the latest buzz. Continue reading

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Calling All Member CIO’s and CTO’s: We Want You!

Erica Flores, Industry Clusters & Economic Development

On December 2nd, Ford Research & Innovation’s  Chief Technical Officer and VP, Paul Mascarenas will host a private members-only CIO Roundtable to discuss how Ford keeps pace with consumer technology as well as Ford’s research initiatives including: the cloud connected car, in-car health and wellness technologies and car-to-car communications.

The Dallas Regional Chamber invites all member-company Chief Information and Chief Technical Officers to participate in this exclusive event, being held in conjunction with our 11th Annual State of Technology Luncheon & Innovation Showcase on December 2nd. Continue reading

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Ford Motor Company CTO to Speak at DRC State of Technology Luncheon & Innovation Showcase

Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Ford Research and Innovation at Ford Motor Company, will be the keynote address during the Dallas Regional Chamber’s 11th Annual State of Technology Luncheon and Innovation Showcase.

Mascarenas is responsible for leading Ford’s worldwide research organization based in Michigan and Germany, overseeing the planning, development and implementation of the company’s top global technology objectives. Since joining Ford in 1982, he has amassed extensive experience in product development, having held positions in product planning, program management, body engineering and powertrain while on assignments in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Continue reading

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The Power of Information

By Will Lovell, Economic Development Intern

Today, in an atmosphere of constant change and heightened competition, information technology has become more important than ever. Traditional industries, like telecommunication and health care, are relying heavily on information technology to streamline existing operations, while new, emerging industries, like computer manufacturing and software design, are requiring information technology to increase their efficiency.

In such an environment, many businesses have discovered the importance of having a Chief Information Officer, or CIO, whose job is to oversee designing, implementing and maintaining information technology systems and the highly-skilled  personnel who operate them. Continue reading

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The Mysterious Cloud

So I am definitely not a techy. I pride my ability to quickly learn new applications and software, to be able to basically fix my computer when it’s a fairly simple fix. So when I inherited with my new responsibilities a program entitled “Defining the Cloud”, I quickly realized that I had fallen far behind in my techy knowledge.

I thought I would start with my own IT director to see if he could help explain the cloud (I also wanted to invite him to join our seminar). He said, “well, Sarah, it’s not that complicated. Technically the Chamber is already on the cloud as we host several of our major information systems offsite over the internet”. Can it really be that simple? Why then am I receiving email after email talking about the benefits of the cloud, or the cloud will cause your company this or that new problem.

While I still have much to learn, the CIOs of corporations around the country are already fast considering the pros and cons of the cloud and developing their strategic implementation plans for how to move to this more efficient (more cost-effective) manner of data storage.

On Tuesday, September 28th we will hear from one of the cloud’s leading experts – Chris Weitz with Deloitte. He forwarded me and my team a marketing piece that walks through the benefits and challenges of the cloud. I thought I would provide an excerpt of the conclusion in this paper:

“Cloud computing is not a passing fad. It is already a compelling computing services option for many situations, and is rapidly gaining momentum in the market. As the market matures, companies will be challenged to adopt cloud computing services models in order to remain agile and competitive. Making this transition is a strategic business issue, and will require the engagement of top business leaders, working closely with the CIO.”

Throughout the paper, several important points were made that helped me to understand why the CIOs and CTOs involved in the Dallas Regional Chamber’s CIO Symposium were interested in a serious look at this topic. Several points are made below:

“Cloud computing receives significant attention for its disruptive potential.” That explains all those emails I get…

“Cloud computing represents a major shift in how businesses can process information and manage IT. With traditional IT, businesses make massive investments in dedicated resources and infrastructure, including hardware, software, data centers, networks, IT staff and security.”

“At its core, cloud computing is a fundamentally more efficient way to deliver and consume IT services.”

On the 28th, the members of the CIO Symposium will learn about this topic, understand how and why companies are making the shift and hear best practices on advancing their corporate strategy for the cloud. I am looking forward to getting a clearer picture on these issues.

The Symposium is limited to CIOs, CTOs and their direct reports. For an invitation, please contact tech@dallaschamber.org. Thank you to Capstone and Deloitte for their sponsorship of this program.

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